When deployed, the Surface Relay separates into an Upper Housing and a Lower Housing. The Upper Housing contains the MBITR radio and a Flashing Beacon. The Beacon may be set to flash visible BLUE or non-visible INFRA-RED at two flashes per second. The Lower Housing contains the hydrophone to communicate with divers.

Diver belt packs operating with this System are ordered with the “SURFACE RELAY” option so that diver voice communications will trigger the Surface Relay Station.

Two more separate channels may be ordered to allow divers to speak between themselves without activating the Surface Relay.

Surface Relay System

Enables Diver Communication via Surface Radio Divers speak with aircraft over wireless pathways The DIVELINK model COM-DCSR01W is a WIRELESS SURFACE RELAY Station loaded with a customer supplied MBITR service radio. The system may be anchored or free-floating, deployed from a helicopter or diver. The SURFACE RELAY automatically transfers diver communications to and from aircraft or other MBITR radio equipped surface vessels.

Surface Relay System Deployed



Surface Relay System in Shipping Case

The DIVELINK Surface Relay System is delivered as a kit in a transport case. The kit contains a universal charger and spares including O-Rings and silicone grease. The system weighs 10.4 kg (23 lbs) out of water without the MBITR radio loaded.


DIVELINK Model COM-DCSR01W Wireless Surface Relay System

Transmission type: Ultrasonic (underwater) and RF (from customer supplied MBITR radio inserted into Upper Housing).

Channel: 25000 Hz Lower Side Band. Diver to Surface Preamble Trigger Signal at 23438 Hz +- 30 Hz. Transmission: 20 watts nominal acoustic output power. Microprocessor controlled mitigation of simplex communication between Surface Radio and Diver Ultrasonic Transmissions. Communication is demarcated by tone bursts to indicate start of transmission and end of transmission.

Nominal Range: 1000 Meters.

Reception: Automatic squelch and automatic. Microprocessor controlled mitigation of communication between Surface Radio and Diver Ultrasonic Transmissions. Standby mode is when neither diver to surface or surface to diver transmissions are under way. Standby mode rejects ultrasonic background noise and repetitive noise. Diver to Surface transmission is initiated only after Diver to Surface Preamble Trigger Signal is received from Surface Relay enabled DIVELINK units.

Surface Relay enabled is designated “SURFACE RELAY” on the model label or a diver belt pack or surface unit.

Audio: 5000Hz bandwidth, 120 dB dynamic range. MBITR Interface in Upper Housing, via the six pin multi-function connector at the top of the radio.

Microphone Connection: Electrically isolated by means of Audio Transformer. 35 mVpp nominal.

Speaker Connection: Electrically isolated by means of Audio Transformer. 5 Vpp maximum. Internal Batteries: NiMH rechargeable matched cell Sanyo, factory replaceable only. Charger provided.

PTT Connection: Electrically isolated by means of Optical Coupler. System Length: 190 cM (74.75 inches) maximum, Lower Housing Loaded into Upper Housing.

System Weight: 10.4 Kg (23 lbs) without MBITR radio, 11.3 Kg (25 lbs) with MBITR radio loaded.

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