Interspiro AGA full face mask OPTIONS:

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There are three breathing options to choose from when ordering the Interspiro AGA mask. Each option will add cost to the full face mask purchase, and it is important to understand and select the options suitable for your dive plan and environment.

This interactive web page is an easy way to define the exact full face mask you need before you place the order.

You are building a part ordering code by selecting options to the RIGHT. The order code looks like this:


FFM = Full Face Mask
AGA = Aga Interspiro Divator
CCC = Color (YEL, BLK, GRY)
M = Material (Silicone or Natural)
A = Ambient breathing valve or No
S = Safety positive pressure or No
B = Breathing valve or No

We attach our communication system to the mask with your order. Alternately, you can do this as drop-ship is also available direct from the AGA warehouse to expedite your communication order.  AGA products are typically 3-5 weeks lead time.

Ambient Breathing Valve
NO is Selected. Click HERE to CHANGE

The Ambient Breathing Valve OPTION
Pull to OPEN at surface

The Ambient Breathing Valve allows the diver to breathe ambient air at the surface to conserve tank gas.

After you are satisfied with the options selected to the LEFT, please enter your quantity BELOW and click on the COLOR and MATERIAL* to order.

*The DIVATOR Full Face Mask is available in either natural or silicone rubber.
Natural rubber is more resistant to chemicals and more tear resistant.
Silicone rubber is more resistant to ozone, thermal and UV light radiation. The silicone mask is slightly smaller and may fit smaller faces better.

FFM-AGA-YELSNNB Full Face Mask SILICONE Rubber. NO Ambient Breathing Valve. NO Positive Pressure. YES Breathing Valve | 1042 USD


FFM-AGA-BLKNNNB Full Face Mask Natural Rubber. NO Ambient Breathing Valve. NO Positive Pressure. YES Breathing Valve | 1042 USD


FFM-AGA-BLKSNNB Full Face Mask SILICONE RUBBER. NO Ambient Breathing Valve. NO Positive Pressure. YES  Breathing Valve | 1042 USD


FFM-AGA-GRYNNNB Full Face Mask Natural Rubber. NO Ambient Breathing Valve. NO Positive Pressure. YES Breathing Valve | 1042 USD

Positive Pressure
NO is Selected. Click HERE to CHANGE

Safety Pressure Valve OPTION

Interspiro recommends use of the Safety Pressure Valve for diving in contaminated water. The DIVATOR Safety Pressure Valve is designed to give a Positive Pressure of approximately 35 mm (1.5 inch) of water column in the mask in ambient air. Positive Pressure is turned on automatically when the user takes his first breath in the mask. This reduces the risk of inward leakage of water (or air at surface) which is very important when diving in contaminated water. Positive Pressure in the mask is maintained irrespective of the diver's air consumption rate.

In the event that water enters the mask, the mask is easily drained by pushing the purge button of the breathing valve. When the mask is taken off, the safety pressure lever on the breathing valve must be pushed in (shut off) against the valve housing.

Breathing Valve
YES is Selected. Click HERE to CHANGE

Breathing Valve OPTION

Interspiro Breathing Valve included with Full Face Mask.

AGA Low Pressure Hose

The full face mask with regulator above does NOT come with a hose, don't forget to order this unless you have one...

This is not a common part, make sure you order this with the mask. 3/8UNF fitting, length: 0.725 m, 28.5 inch

FFM-AGA-WHIP Low Pressure Hose for AGA 3/8UNF 0.725 m 28.5 inch | 89 USD

DIVATOR catalog

More AGA DIVATOR products and spare parts are available to you through us.

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