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The SCUBA Diving World

Of all the equipment required to allow mankind to dive and remain underwater, communications plays an essential role.

The Divelink product line has been engineered to suit the diverse requirements of diving applications.

Navies are able to expand capabilities:

- Extended dive time
- Long Range
- Battery Packs replaceable under water

Police, Recovery Teams and Commercial Divers are able to better co-ordinate surface and dive teams.

- Surface Supervised Missions
- Conversation Recording
- Audible and Visual Safety Warnings

Sport divers experience improved training and can enjoy full voice communication with each other and the surface. Video recording may be improved with sound from a Divelink connection.

Get the most out of every dive with Divelink.

Diving is all about enjoying and experiencing the underwater world, and divers go to great lengths (often including considerable travel, expense, etc.) ... all for a few hours of good diving.

Divelink allows divers to peacefully enjoy their dive with the ability to communicate effortlessly, getting the most out of every dive experience. The increased communication helps prevent frustrating or stressful situations, missed photo/video opportunities and wasted dive time.

If diving from a private vessel or yacht, enjoy added peace of mind and safety by maintaining communication with the surface throughout the dive.

Divelink's superior technology and design provide the best possible communications for divers of any level, at affordable prices.

Experience the Divelink difference.